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Consulting company «Vilchur&Partners» was founded in 2006 by a group of experts on legal and tax support of business.

The main lines of our activity are legal services for companies, support of investment activity, tax optimization, management consulting, as well as protection of assets of companies and company owners.

A separate area of our work is introduction of foreign companies to the Russian market.

We provide both individual and comprehensive consulting services.

We have developed and successfully applied a package of services in support of foreign companies’ activity in Russia – programme “Soft Landing”. This programme includes not only consulting support, but also solution of organizational issues, organization of business communications and contacts with the local authorities.

Work of our experts makes you feel secure doing business in Russia.

Consulting company «Vilchur & Partners»
Sotsialisticheskaja ul. 2/30, A, 191002, St. Petersburg Russia

Теl.: +7 (812) 317-55-46
Tel./fax.: +7 (812) 317-55-46

Skype: VILCHURmkk
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